selected newspaper reviews

“On a balmy evening in Highland Park, diners wearing Sunday attire filled seats around a long farmhouse table downstairs at E². Through the buzz of conversation, a tattooed waiter in heavy specs and a black Bucs ballcap delivered platters that flaunted the season’s colors.”
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“With a motto like “bring your bottle; bring your mess,” you know the E2 crew is fun and laidback — the kind of people you’d befriend.”
Pittsburgh Magazine Editor’s Pick

“The last Sunday of each month, E2 in Highland Park/Morningside invites everyone to come join them for a big, fat, family style dinner. Expect lots of meatballs, red sauce, and wine–$30 per person and no corkage fee! Ching-ching.”

“Hipsters, professors and fast friends fill a cozy, familial space where a dark wood banquette adds texture, bookcases line a French door and floor lamps cast a warm glow.”
Pop City

“E2 is the kind of restaurant everyone wishes would open on their corner.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The cuisine at E2 is healthful with a European (predominantly Italian) flair. Romane’s partner is third-generation farmer Tara Rockacy of Churchview Farm in Baldwin. Romane takes produce to E2 daily from the farm where they live.”
Pittsburgh Magazine

“E2 is a sophisticated, yet casual, cure for the weekend-brunch blues.”
Pittsburgh City Paper

local blog reviews

“…one of our favorites and always a place that we recommend, you will leave happy!”

“Unpretentious yet completely engrossed in the art of culinary, e2 is easily one of my favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh.”

“…there’s a certain quality to the staff at E2 that makes the restaurant stand out. They all carry a free spirit and a fun attitude that makes a dining experience all the more pleasant.”

“Half a bite of sourdough ginger sugar doughnut later, I knew that the menu selection was just a foreshadowing of the excellence being plated in E2′s kitchen. The doughnut was paradise.”
Belle Squeaks