donut menu!

tony bag of d’s

ginger sugar doughnuts in a little bag

coconut doughnuts

chocolate covered doughnuts with toasted coconut

caramel nut doughnuts

caramel covered doughnuts with chopped nuts

berry white doughnuts

berry mess and powered sugar


covered in powder sugar


fried dough with black pepper and parm

chovie zeppolli

zeppolli stuffed with anchovies

brown sugar zeppolli

fried dough tossed in spiced brown sugar mess

kids stuff
egg and toast
power sugar doughnuts
cheesy toast
buttered noodles
apple and peanut butter

our brumch menu changes everyweek but you will most always see…

polenta peppernata-2 fried eggs,polenta topped with our peppernata, shaved parm and grilled focaccia

churchview farmer breakfast– 2 churchview farm eggs, bacon, toast and potatoes

mush-crispy polenta topped with butter maple sauce, pecans, sausage and bacon

press plate (vegan) house salad, potatoes, roasted roma tomatoes, white beans with sage, grilled focaccia

seasonal fritatta with house greens, focaccia

omelette of the day, potatoes, salad and toast

croissant french toast real maple syrup only

big fat salad
topped with 2 eggs, bacon, gorgonzola and pecans, grilled focaccia

white bean and kale hash topped with 2 fried eggs and grilled focaccia ( add bacon your are jammin)